users may encounter various login issues. Here are some common problems and solutions:

  1. Incorrect credentials: Double-check that you're entering the correct email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password" option to reset it.
  2. Email verification: Ensure you're using the email address associated with your account. Search your inbox, spam, and trash folders for login-related emails from
  3. SMS verification: Make sure you're entering the correct SMS verification code. If you're not receiving the code, try requesting a new one.
  4. Passcode issues: If you're having trouble with your passcode, you may need to reset it.
  5. Invalid phone number: Some users report issues with the app not recognizing their phone number. Double-check that you're entering the correct number, including the country code.
  6. App glitches: Sometimes, the app may experience technical issues. Try these troubleshooting steps:
    • Update the app to the latest version
    • Clear the app's cache and data
    • Restart your device
    • Try logging in with or without Wi-Fi
  7. System maintenance: Occasionally, may undergo scheduled maintenance, which can temporarily affect login capabilities.
  8. Regional restrictions: If you've moved to a different country, you may encounter issues logging in with a new phone number.

If you're still unable to log in after trying these solutions, contact's customer support team for assistance. They may request identity verification documents to help resolve the issue.Remember to always use caution when logging in and never share your login credentials with anyone. Enable two-factor authentication for added security on your account.